Linguine con Alfredo

Hello culinary fanatics!  It is Sunday and for once in a very long time I am enjoying it to its fullest rather than doting on the fact that tomorrow is Monday.  If you’ve done your homework and read the previous post, you are most likely anticipating the delicious pasta recipe  (see Simply Caprese).  This pasta dish is one of my favorite pasta dishes.  Unfortunately it is not a nutrition booster, so I consider it a decadent indulgence.  I usually let a couple of months go by before considering it again. Reason being, once I get something in my head, it’s stuck there until I act on it. 
If today is the day that you are wanting to indulge and enjoy the good life, take a bite out of it and cook something fantastic!  It doesn’t have to be this recipe.  There are plenty of others before this one.  Take some time to really think about what you want to eat, and make it!  What do you have to lose?  Here’s my theory: People spend too much time thinking of what they want to eat and much less time actually being proactive and cooking it. Eventually they come up with enough reasons not to make the effort to put together a substantial meal and end up making a sandwich or getting take-out.  I have one word for that–Unacceptable. 
Reap the benefits of putting your heart and time into something you want.  You’ll be so proud of yourself in addition to having a satisfied stomach.  You’ll be surprised that something this good can be so fun, easy and positively delicious!
Serves: 6-8                            Prep-time: 1-2 minutes                               Cook-time: 15 minutes


1 quart heavy whipping cream
2 tbs unsalted butter
3 cloves minced/pressed garlic
1 1/2 cups grated Parmesan cheese
chopped basil for garnish
1. Bring water in a deep pot to a boil
2. Add a tablespoon of salt and quick drizzle of olive oil to the water
3. Place pasta in boiling water and follow the cooking directions on the box
******DO NOT BREAK THE PASTA IN HALF.  Breaking the pasta makes it very difficult to twist with a fork and takes away from the presentation of the dish**********
4. Drain pasta and splash it with a bit of (hot) water so that it does not stick together
1. In a deep sauce pan, melt butter on medium heat then add garlic
2. Add cream then stir every few minutes down to the bottom of the pan to prevent sticking or burning
3. Once cream is lightly boiling, reduce the heat to medium-low and add the cheese
4. Continue to stir then add salt and pepper to taste
5. If a thicker consistency is preferred, whisk the sauce for about five minutes on low heat
6. Twist a bed of pasta onto a small plate and pour the sauce over it with a ladle
7. sprinkle a bit of chopped basil atop the pasta bed to add color and flavor
Serve immediately and pair it with a crisp white wine and light salad (caprese).
Bon Appetite 

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