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There’s quite an odd juxtaposition with tabbouleh (ta-BOO-lee) for multiple reasons. This isn’t one of your whip-it-up-in-a-pinch salads. It’s tedious. You have to really, really want tabbouleh. The zinger is that there are people who don’t enjoy tabbouleh. Parsley’s flavor is bitter and peppery, and its texture coarse and uninviting. Many think of it as a garnish that’s quickly tossed aside. While its scent is quite fresh, its texture will turn someone who has texture sensitivity off quicker than a light switch. I know, I’m not really selling this so… Read more Tabbouleh

Almond Parmesan Brussels Sprouts

You either love them or hate them, and I probably already lost half of you with the title. They are a controversial vegetable. The smell alone causes great consternation among those living with you. For those who are still here, do I have a recipe for you! You can cook this up for your loved one who turns his/her nose up at brussels sprouts and most likely be in for a surprise. They’re going to love them. You’ll then be overwhelmed with a well-deserved pride knowing that you converted the… Read more Almond Parmesan Brussels Sprouts