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Cauliflower and Turmeric Soup

This month, Brian and I are doing the Arbonne 30-days to Healthy Living. Simply put, think Whole30, but with legumes, vegan protein shakes, teas, fizz sticks, etc. and without soy, pork, or coffee. That's right, WITHOUT COFFEE. Pause to let the shock sink in. The goal of the program is to reduce foods with high… Continue reading Cauliflower and Turmeric Soup

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Better Than Panera Broccoli Cheddar Soup

I've had people ask me “what's your favorite thing to cook?” and I never quite knew how to answer them. There's so much to cook, how can I decide?! Welp, I think I figured it out–– it's soup! It's a bit anticlimactic, I'm aware.  Heck, some people don't even like soup. “Who are they?” you ask? I've… Continue reading Better Than Panera Broccoli Cheddar Soup

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What’s for dinner, Mama?

My daughter is at the age where it's still novel that we carry on real conversations. Those consist of her saying things like, "I don't like monsters. Do you like monsters?" and "What'd you make for dinner, mama?" Whenever it's time to eat, I list foods that will be on her plate and she can… Continue reading What’s for dinner, Mama?