Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

I made this dish to remind me of the hot meals my mother used to cook during the winter seasons.  It definitely fulfilled its duty.  This is a great dish to make for those vegetable and meat lovers who are near and dear to you and your kitchen.
-1 head of cabbage
-1 lb ground sirloin beef
-3 tbs room temperature butter
-2 tbs all spice seasoning
-1/4 cup white/brown rice
-1/4 cup lemon juice

1. Wash the cabbage and place it in a pot of boiling water
2. Let the cabbage boil for three minutes 
3. Delicately separate each layer of cabbage to cook on it’s own for a minute

 4. Place each layer of cabbage onto a separate plate to cool down
 5. Continue doing this until you’ve reached the smallest part of the cabbage

 6. While the cabbage cools off, mix the dry ingredients with the ground beef evenly.  Use as much or little of salt and pepper as you prefer
7. Lay out a layer of cabbage and cut a triangular piece out of the bottom to remove the hard center.

8. Place an oval mold of meat along the center line. Fold the cabbage parallel to the center line and place each piece evenly along a deep pot

 9. Peel and smash 8 cloves of garlic with salt added ( if you don’t have a masher, you can dice the garlic finely on a cutting board

 10. Fill the pot with water so that it barely covers the cabbage rolls.
 11. Evenly distribute the garlic and lemon juice atop and around the cabbage rolls
 12. Cook the rolls on medium heat for 20 minutes

Serve hot and Enjoy!

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