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Tag: Lebanese Cuisine


There’s quite an odd juxtaposition with tabbouleh (ta-BOO-lee) for multiple reasons. This isn’t one of your whip-it-up-in-a-pinch salads. It’s tedious. You have to really, really want tabbouleh. The zinger is that there are people who don’t enjoy tabbouleh. Parsley’s flavor is bitter and peppery, and its texture coarse and uninviting. Many think of it as a garnish that’s quickly tossed aside. While its scent is quite fresh, its texture will turn someone who has texture sensitivity off quicker than a light switch. I know, I’m not really selling this so… Read more Tabbouleh

Potato Salad

I made this recently at a weekend outing and I must say, I was pleased with the “please and thank you’s” revolving around this potato salad!  It is such a refreshing/fresh salad that doesn’t leave you feeling guilty when you ask for more.  With nothing but fresh ingredients tossed in, you’ll be asking for more…and if you don’t, you must have eaten quite the serving! So, sit back, read up, and get ready to celebrate your Independence day with a potato salad that is independent from mayo and other artificial… Read more Potato Salad