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Packing and Ramen

We are three weeks away from hopping on a plane and heading to the South of France.  I just made that sound so easy, didn’t I? “Oh, ya know! Just HOP on a transatlantic plane!…with two toddlers!” Am I making a bigger deal out of this than necessary? It seems daunting to me because it wasn’t too long ago that two hours on a plane with two toddlers was enough to literally have me praising the Lord that we didn’t have to take a plane to Europe…and then God showed… Read more Packing and Ramen

New Plan, Same Destination.

Y’all, did I mention I was bummed about not going on a two-week transatlantic cruise anymore? I have? Oh, well that’s good because IT. IS. THE. TRUTH. Considering we planned on being unreachable come April 21st, this DEFINITELY changes our calendar a bit. We booked a new method of transport. Wait for it… It’s a flight! That’s right people, we will be kicking off this sabbatical with a trip across the Atlantic that will make the bags under my eyes darker than the north Atlantic sky. Our new departure date… Read more New Plan, Same Destination.

Cranes, Cruises, and Cancellations…Oh, my!

I haven’t shared all the details of our itinerary because I know that changes are inevitable. Sure enough, we haven’t even left for our trip and we’ve been thrown a massive crane curveball. Last week, news broke that Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas was damaged by a crane falling onto it. This was the cruise ship we have been dreaming about to take our dreaming-selves over to a dreamy part of Europe to live a dream. Obviously, this was sad news for lots of vacationers planning to celebrate birthdays,… Read more Cranes, Cruises, and Cancellations…Oh, my!