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Packing and Ramen

We are three weeks away from hopping on a plane and heading to the South of France.  I just made that sound so easy, didn’t I? “Oh, ya know! Just HOP on a transatlantic plane!…with two toddlers!” Am I making a bigger deal out of this than necessary? It seems daunting to me because it wasn’t too long ago that two hours on a plane with two toddlers was enough to literally have me praising the Lord that we didn’t have to take a plane to Europe…and then God showed… Read more Packing and Ramen

New Plan, Same Destination.

Y’all, did I mention I was bummed about not going on a two-week transatlantic cruise anymore? I have? Oh, well that’s good because IT. IS. THE. TRUTH. Considering we planned on being unreachable come April 21st, this DEFINITELY changes our calendar a bit. We booked a new method of transport. Wait for it… It’s a flight! That’s right people, we will be kicking off this sabbatical with a trip across the Atlantic that will make the bags under my eyes darker than the north Atlantic sky. Our new departure date… Read more New Plan, Same Destination.