Easy Lox

My sister got married this weekend. It was an absolutely beautiful occasion! That said, I have to say… I’m pooped! All that fun and food has me saying, I want a semi-detoxing meal that takes about three minutes to make. So, obviously, that’s what I made! Smoked salmon is probably one of my favorite forms of protein. Call me crazy, but the richness and texture (which reminds me of sashimi) is very addicting. Normally, I’d be passed out right about now given that I already finished my food. However, I couldn’t be so selfish and not share this beautiful simplicity with you all! This snack/meal is very flavorful, fun, easy and positively delicious! This is probably the easiest dish I’ve posted on here. So for you ADD folks, there’s no reason to skip to the next website before reading this entirely.

Smoked salmon
Whole wheat crackers
Cream Cheese (Reduced fat will do the job just as well)
Cucumbers, sliced

1. Spread desired amount of cream cheese on top of the cracker
2. Place cucumber on top of the cracker
3. Fold a piece of smoked salmon


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