Jean Paul’s Paradiso

Brian and I have started a new tradition and a fabulous one at that.  We have date night once a week and go to different restaurants to surprise our pallet.  I’m not talking your usual chain restaurants that are located within a mile radius of each other. I’m talking authentic, heart-warming, delicious foods and experiences.  I’ve just now decided that I am going to include a post about each experience from here on out, so brace yourself–Christina’s Kitchen is going out for dinner (only once a week of course).

The quaint restaurant is called Jean Paul’s Paradiso (hence the title of the post).  This place is so small that we almost passed it twice while on the hunt.  It is located in the heart of Anderson Township, probably quite a drive for some of you and even plane ride for a majority of you.  I apologize, my restaurant choices will be biased towards the Cincinnati area for the time being,  Anyway, I looked up the menu online, and it looked magnificent! This menu was beautifully worded with ingredients such as portobello mushrooms, fresh Parmesan cheese and “the best pizza in the universe!”.  It caught my attention and considering it was my turn to pick the place, it was a done deal. The menu has a wide array of salads, soups, pastas and most importantly…pizzas. I highly recommend the 
The restaurant is attached to a gas station and has only a few spots reserved for their customers, but those lucky few will be in for a treat.  Everything is made fresh and you can smell the aromas as you enter the class doors.  Jean Paul is a charming man who puts all into his food.  His side kick, (whom I shamefully forgot her name but I believe it’s Jeanie), is very welcoming and goes out of her way to ensure you are comfortable and satisfied.

I could go on all day about this little Italian eatery. Take it from me, you MUST try this place to understand why I recommend this to anyone who is looking for something fun, NEW and positively delicious!

Not a risk taker when it comes to food? Check it out before visiting…

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