Patriotism to Our Graeter Nation (nope, that’s no typo)

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling the patriotism today.  I must say I am more than proud to be an American when I turn on the television or radio to hear commemoration and memorials for the victims on September 11, 2001. I felt it necessary, as an American, to pay tribute to this memorable yet sorrowful event. If you haven’t watched a single commercial or news report today, I suggest you do. The experience was breathtaking and might I add tear-jerking. In fact, I’m posting a few links below to make it easier for you.

With that said, it is impossible to write a post that doesn’t pertain to food. So here we go… I’m a HUGE fan of Graeter’s Ice Cream.  Yes, I just ate a bowl of black raspberry chip. All you Cincinnatians know what I’m talking about. It is the most delicious, creamy and  flavorful ice cream I’ve ever eaten.  Yes, yes… I understand I haven’t tried authentic Italian gelato, but until I find myself taking a picture next to the Tower of Pisa, this is a pretty safe bet. This ice cream is so hot (ironically enough) that Oprah Winfrey gave it away to her studio audience as one of her many gifts! If you don’t live in Cincinnati, OH, as I assume many of you do not, you can have it shipped to you! I understand the idea of having ice cream shipped is an odd idea but if you tried this, you wouldn’t regret it. No, I’m not a spokeswoman for Graeter’s Ice Cream, I’m just an obsessed foodie spreading the wealth and joys of ice cream.

God Bless America! Happy eating to you on this red, white and blue (sky) day!

The Tragedy
Empire State of Mind

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