Quiche Lorraine

Have you ever eaten miniature quiche?  If you have, chances are you fell in love with them because they are absolutely phenomenal!  Anytime I perused around Costco or Sam's Club, I searched the demo stands for the miniature quiche and by-golly I succeeded about 75% of the time. Considering that I have the world of cuisine… Continue reading Quiche Lorraine


Kinneret Cafe

Let me ask you, why is it that all the best restaurants are the smallest ones? Don't use that last statement as factual data, but I have a running record that the best places (i.e. best service, best food, best deals) are in all the small places.Our once-a-week date night has continued to be a… Continue reading Kinneret Cafe


Jean Paul’s Paradiso

Brian and I have started a new tradition and a fabulous one at that.  We have date night once a week and go to different restaurants to surprise our pallet.  I'm not talking your usual chain restaurants that are located within a mile radius of each other. I'm talking authentic, heart-warming, delicious foods and experiences.… Continue reading Jean Paul’s Paradiso


Patriotism to Our Graeter Nation (nope, that’s no typo)

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling the patriotism today.  I must say I am more than proud to be an American when I turn on the television or radio to hear commemoration and memorials for the victims on September 11, 2001. I felt it necessary, as an American, to pay tribute to this… Continue reading Patriotism to Our Graeter Nation (nope, that’s no typo)


Epiphany for Lubiyeh (Loob-yeh)

I woke up this morning at the familiar hour of 7am with an epiphany. It was a bit belated considering the epiphany is in regards to a conversation I had with Brian (my fiance for those newbies) five days ago.  The conversation was in regards to him starting a brand new job (which I am… Continue reading Epiphany for Lubiyeh (Loob-yeh)