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Kale + Quinoa Salad

Ya'll, what's with the kale trend? It's so trendy that I keep having to stop myself from capitalizing the 'K'! I mean, I get it. It's quite delicious, abundant, and makes us feel warm and fuzzy in the health category. Do you ever wonder if other foods were as trendy as kale and avocados? It's… Continue reading Kale + Quinoa Salad

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Sauteed Hungarian Peppers and Mushrooms

Last weekend was the first time Brian and I went to the Montgomery farmer's market and let me just say, it was an absolute blast!  Any place where there is live indy music, fresh baked goods and produce, and happy dogs with their owners, is nothing short of golden. The items we purchased goes as… Continue reading Sauteed Hungarian Peppers and Mushrooms


Pasta Skaloozi

I am horrible. No need to tell me twice. I completely realize that I have not even typed my website in the URL box since January. I am ashamed and my greatest apologies go out to you...that is, if you are still there.  I have a good reason for my negligence! I recently got married… Continue reading Pasta Skaloozi


Epiphany for Lubiyeh (Loob-yeh)

I woke up this morning at the familiar hour of 7am with an epiphany. It was a bit belated considering the epiphany is in regards to a conversation I had with Brian (my fiance for those newbies) five days ago.  The conversation was in regards to him starting a brand new job (which I am… Continue reading Epiphany for Lubiyeh (Loob-yeh)