New Plan, Same Destination.

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Y’all, did I mention I was bummed about not going on a two-week transatlantic cruise anymore? I have? Oh, well that’s good because IT. IS. THE. TRUTH. Considering we planned on being unreachable come April 21st, this DEFINITELY changes our calendar a bit.

We booked a new method of transport. Wait for it… It’s a flight! That’s right people, we will be kicking off this sabbatical with a trip across the Atlantic that will make the bags under my eyes darker than the north Atlantic sky. Our new departure date is May 12th. It’s great to have it on the books, but I’m also bummed that we have to push back our countdown.

What is wrong with me, y’all? Why am I being a little brat about this? I’m fully aware that this is an amazing opportunity and the flights and trains will be done with, and eventually we’ll be in our apartment in Carcassonne, France. So what gives me the right to whine about this?

I think it’s because we viewed the cruise as a long-overdue vacation before the sabbatical, not just a method of transport. And, it was a great way to go “off the grid” for a while, making a clean break with the hustle and bustle we’re used to. We also planned this cruise a while back, like 7-months ago, and that’s a long time to look forward to something only to have it be taken away. Whatever the reason, and even through the disappointment, I’m able to see the silver-linings to this new scenario:

  • We’ll be able to attend my brother-in-law’s college graduation, after which my in-laws have offered to drive us to the Detroit airport where we will be departing. “Thanks for the lift!”
  • We’ll be able to attend my nephew’s 1st birthday party and father-in-law’s birthday!
  • That free cruise I mentioned in the previous post.
  • We can now take two larger bags without an added charge! We probably won’t since we need extra hands for the kids, but it’s nice to have options!
  • The ability to go through jet lag all at once rather than be on a two-week-long-time-change (is that a benefit? I guess I’ll find out). By the way, I’ve gotten some tips from overseas travelers and my ears are still open!
  • We got to use points for our flight. (Did you know that an infant-in-arms costs 10% of a ticket despite being 1000% more hassle?)

Maybe the lack of the cruise will make this trip seem more like a move than a trip. We’ll find out come May 12th. Until then, I’ll be thankful for 2.5 extra weeks of preparing for our move and taking in Cincinnati’s spring weather.

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  1. Sorry to hear your plans have changed so much but as you say there are good aspects as well. And, I do believe there is a reason for these changes……time will show you the whys and wherefores but there is a reason. God is in total control of this endeavor and w him in the driver’s seat all will turn out exactly as it should. Hugs 🤗, Cyndi

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