What’s in a Kitchen?

What’s in a kitchen? I’m not talking about the obvious appliances and cookware that comprise  a literal kitchen, but rather what happens in a kitchen. I’m certain that I’ve already lost about half of you with my philosophical question. “This is a food blog!” say some of you, only to unfollow and never return. Others of you might be intrigued, and for you, I’ll ask it again––what’s in a kitchen?
A photo of my sister’s lovely kitchen
There are a lot of changes happening in our near future (more on that in another post), some that will affect this website, my family, and especially my culinary goals. As we process through the changes, my mind started to think of all the should’s––”I should blog to document this adventure for when I’m older and forget everything!” I contemplated starting a new website, but husband rightfully talked me out of it. It occurred to me that I’d be wasting my time starting an entire new blog with a brand new domain name (A Taste for Wander), because it’s ALL in the kitchen!
“You’ve lost me”, the few remaining might mutter, but I don’t believe I have. Think about it, not only does the preparation of food the take place in a kitchen, but life happens in the kitchen. Family gatherings, arguments, moments of joy, serious talks, belly laughs, and simple starts to the day of brewing coffee or steeping tea–all of it happens in the kitchen. Our days begin and end in kitchens! Actually the bed, but you get my point.
So with a generic name like Christina’s Kitchen, it took me a little while to accept it as something that is all-encompassing. I thought that it limited the content I could write about, that being food. I wanted to write about food and life. Because at the end of the day, they both go hand in hand; you can’t have one without the other.

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