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What’s for dinner, Mama?

My daughter is at the age where it's still novel that we carry on real conversations. Those consist of her saying things like, "I don't like monsters. Do you like monsters?" and "What'd you make for dinner, mama?" Whenever it's time to eat, I list foods that will be on her plate and she can… Continue reading What’s for dinner, Mama?


Pasta Carbonara

I came home this evening wanting to set the mood of a special occasion. Not because there is anything to celebrate. I simply had my fair share of simple meals. The last couple of weeks (if you haven't noticed) I have been cooking very simple dinners.  That's not to say they came from a box.… Continue reading Pasta Carbonara

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Sauteed Hungarian Peppers and Mushrooms

Last weekend was the first time Brian and I went to the Montgomery farmer's market and let me just say, it was an absolute blast!  Any place where there is live indy music, fresh baked goods and produce, and happy dogs with their owners, is nothing short of golden. The items we purchased goes as… Continue reading Sauteed Hungarian Peppers and Mushrooms

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Risotto con pollo e funghi

I was flipping through my Better Home and Garden cookbook given to us by my brother-in-law (thanks Matthew!) and I daringly turned to the pasta section. Can I just say? Pasta is the one thing I will never give up no matter what eating trend I find myself in.Side note: Today I am starting a… Continue reading Risotto con pollo e funghi


Pasta Skaloozi

I am horrible. No need to tell me twice. I completely realize that I have not even typed my website in the URL box since January. I am ashamed and my greatest apologies go out to you...that is, if you are still there.  I have a good reason for my negligence! I recently got married… Continue reading Pasta Skaloozi