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The Only Reason Why I Eat Cinnamon Rolls

A sad excuse for icingYou guys, let's talk about cinnamon rolls. I'm not talking the homemade kind (lo siento), I'm talking the ones you get from a can (off-brand no less). What's with the "icing pack"? I vote it shouldn't be called a pack, more so a taste, smidgen, and even molecule. It barely is… Continue reading The Only Reason Why I Eat Cinnamon Rolls


Molten Lava Cake

These last couple of months have been filled with change and excitement. I am focusing more time on my businessĀ and enjoying the new work environment at Nada. One exciting task at hand for Stir Crazy Cuisine is to cook for a very special occasion. I have the honor of cooking for a birthday dinner honoring… Continue reading Molten Lava Cake